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Plate freezers
Dear Sirs:
My name is Eng. Luis A. Gonzalez, from Lima-
Peru, and currently working on a project for
freezing avocado based products.
Our Company is a very large vegetable producer
and packer. We currently operate a new
Frigoscandia belt freezer of a capacity of 2,400
lbs/h of frozen asparagus spears in Peru.
We have been developing a very large Hass
avocado plantation and started harvesting fresh
avocado pears during the last 3 month. Due to
the presence of 2nd. class fruit, we want to
consider the manufacturing of guacamole sauce
and/or avocado puree in 1 lb. plastic containers
(margarine type) as well as in 5 and 10 lbs.
plastic bags.
An other possible product will be skinless
frozen avocado halbs. They could be individually
frozen or in 5 and 10 lb. bags.
we think will need a freezing device capable of
1,200 lbs. an hour of finish product.
Please contact me at the following direction:

Luis A. Gonzalez
Augusto Tamayo 180

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